Our goal at Euclid Machine and Design: Provide design consulting and machining services to inventors, start-ups, or existing businesses that may not have the skill, time, or resources to design and build their concepts on their own. Our forte is design and construction of new machines and machine parts.

At our core, we are engineers first and foremost. We provide prototyping, part to print, concept development, machine design, repair, and general fabrication services.


  • Automation: Tired of standing in front of a machine doing repetitive tasks? We can help you automate a process which has the potential to increase production and more importantly decrease operator fatigue.
  • Hydraulics and Pnuematics: Looking for something with a little umpf? We have experiece with hydraulic circuit design, some people say we’re full of hot air when it comes to pnuematics though.
  • Design for Manufacturability: Have a part drawn up but aren’t sure about tolerances or how it’d actually be made? We can help you decide on tolerances and modify your design to be manufacturable while still meeting your requirements.
  • Product Design, from concept to CAD: Have a napkin drawing? We can help you take it to the next stage and model your design in CAD.


  • Prototyping: Got a one off or just need a few made?
  • Repair: “Well it was working fine until (insert part name) broke, can you fix it?” Hopefully we can get you back up and running.
  • Jigs/Fixtures: Need to hold a part in the same spot repeatedly and precisely?
  • Part to Print: You’ve got the drawing we’ve got the equipment.