Have an idea but need help nailing down the concept? Already have a design but just need help having a prototype made? Send us your drawings or ideas and we’ll turn them into a finished product quickly and without breaking the bank.

GoPro Camera MountSwitch Back .1

BOCE, a Purdue Mechanical Engineering student design group, had designed a new style of camera base for GoPro cameras that allows the user to quickly move the camera from one base to another. They had made a few prototypes from FDM (extrusion type) 3-D printing but they kept breaking. After doing stress analysis BOCE believed that their design was good but the failures were a result of being made on a FDM printer. FDM prints parts in layers, these layers aren’t bonded together well and separate before the material itself fails. Before making a large investment in molds for injection molding they wanted to confirm their calculations by making a prototype from solid pieces of ABS plastic.

We meet with BOCE to discuss their machining a prototype. After discussing design features and their desires for the prototype we went over the part drawings and talked about changes to make them manufacturable. Once the balance had been set between design needs and manufacturing realities a prototype was made. Update!

Knee Rehab Device

Worked with a physical therapist to develop his idea for a knee rehabilitation device. The client had made a prototype but it was mainly to convey the idea of his product rather than a working model. After talking with client we did CAD modeling and fabricated a working prototype. Per agreement we’re not allowed to discuss details or show pictures of the device hence the brevity.

Sample Plate Holders

A Purdue research startup, Animated Dynamics, needed to redesign a fixture plate they had been using to hold well plates. The fixture plate also needed to to hold a well plate while providing uniform heat. We worked with company and designed a fixture plate that used a different form of heating from their previous version. Several variations of the plate were designed and manufactured so they could see which would work best for their needs.

New Razor Product

Worked with a pair of entrepreneurs to make computer models for a new razor product.  We used their prototype and specifications to develop a CAD model they used as a stepping stone towards a 3D printed prototype and their crowd funding campaign.