Hello, thanks for stopping by Euclid Machine and Design LLC’s little corner of the vast internet.

Our goal at Euclid Machine and Design: Provide machining services for businesses or individuals who need precisely manufactured parts. We also do design consulting for inventors, start-ups, or existing businesses that may not have the skill, time, or resources to design and build their concepts on their own. Our forte is design and construction of new machines and machine parts, and we want to work with you to refine your design so it meets your requirements.

Have a general idea of what you want made but aren’t comfortable designing or making drawings? We’ll talk with you about your idea, develop the idea, and then make it. Already have drawings and just need someone to make the darn parts already? We’ll make parts to your specifications whether its one or one hundred parts.

If you’re scared of going to a machine shop because they’re big burly people and speak in a funny dialect of thous and tenths have no fear, we were in your position too! Neither of us would be considered burly and while we do speak machinist we also speak engineer, scientist, and maker among other dialects. Please feel free to contact us about your project, if we aren’t the proper shop for what you’re looking to have done we can point you in the right direction.