Our customers are the reason we’re in business. We’re not good at marketing and fortunately don’t need to be because happy customers do the job for us.

“I hired Euclid Machine and Design to design and engineer a unique and highly specialized project for a new Broadway musical.  I was extremely selective in my process to find the right vendor for the job because of the complexity of the project and the aggressive timeline.  I had never worked with Euclid Machine and Design.  After finding them, I felt they had the qualifications I was looking for and decided to hire them.  I couldn’t have made a better choice.  The end product and service provided was beyond my highest expectations.  The project was completed successfully and on-time – despite an incredibly challenging scope and due date.  Alex and David brought forth the knowledge and expertise to produce excellent work and were accommodating and professional every step along the way.  My team and I greatly enjoyed working with them.  I plan to use this company as much as possible for future work and highly recommend their services.  Being in the custom fabrication business, I work with a great variety of vendors.  Euclid Machine and Design is an excellent vendor, on all counts!”

-Maria Balboa, Director of Production at The Spoon Group

“Working with Euclid Machine and Design was an excellent experience.  They design and delivered our machine on time and on budget.  When our business had concerns or needed updates, Euclid Design was always available and helpful.  The combination of their engineering background and precise machining ability leads to a exceptional product every time.  Would highly recommend.”

-Richie Bruins, Owner Coffee Coals LLC

“I was in need of a machine shop for a project that was well behind on its timeline and the immediate option was a place that was going to cause more delay and lacked the flexibility I wanted. I heard about Euclid Machine and Design from a trusted friend and as soon as I saw their background and experience (which includes Purdue mechanical engineering degrees, as well as having led Guinness world record winning Rupe Goldberg’s teams), I expected them to be a good fit.

They completed my project in a much faster time than would have been possible with alternatives, saved significant costs, and also made design changes that improved the quality of the project. These were changes that they were able to make as a result of their significant experience with manufacturing and machining. I was more extremely pleased working with Alex and David; I will be taking future machining jobs to them.”

-Mayo, ME Purdue University

Working with Euclid Machine and Design has been a great experience. Alex and David have been able to take my basic idea and drawings and bring it to life.  As engineers, they were able to improve upon my basic concepts and designs, which has resulted in a fantastic prototype. They both were easy to work with and respond quickly to questions or concerns. I would recommend their company to all.

-Aaron Turner, Physical Therapist/Entreprenuer