This particular client was referred to us by The 3D Print Store where they’d modeled his idea and printed out several prototypes. The client was ready to take it to the next level and order 100 units but wanted move beyond 3D printing but at the same time wasn’t ready to invest in production molds or order thousands of units. After taking with the client about our capabilities, limitations, and costs we all felt it was a good fit and they awarded us the contract to deliver 100 units.

The units consisted of 3 parts, the head, slide, and handle. The slide was the easiest part and required a straight forward enough 2 part mold. The head was only slightly trickier as it needed a pin to create a pilot hole for a screw that would attach the handle and head together. The handle was the most complicated mold as it needed a core separate from the A and B halves. The core was used to decrease the weight, volume of plastic injected, and provide access to put a fastener between the head and handle.

Below you can see various steps of the molds being made and a the final product